Wind, solar and water power
Manx Energy Advice Centre, Isle of Man
Silverdale, Isle of Man

The Advice Centre
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Who we are

The Manx Energy Advice Centre is an independent charity which has been created as a service to promote energy conservation, the use of renewable energy and provide independent advice and information.

Climate change and the depletion of fossil fuels means that we will have to conserve the energy we use, and switch to renewable energy sources based on the sun moon, wind and rain.

Where we are

Originally based in the beautiful picturesque Silverdale glen, at the old water powered corn mill, we are now operating from the Green Centre, opposite Iceland in Douglas. 

location map

Chester Street Complex
Chester Street

+44 (0)1624 666029

Opening times
The Green Centre is open to the public from 10am to 4 pm every Saturday

No problem is too big or small for us to give advice on.
Energy Efficiency Advice

Demonstrations include solar panels (both PV to generate electricity and evacuated tubes to generate hot water), best practice in such areas as draught proofing, low energy appliances, double glazing, etc.

We have videos and books on how to DIY - whether with wind, hydro, or sun, or even building yourself an electric car.

Our colleagues at the Green Centre can also advise on many other green issues such as recycling, making the centre a one stop shop for all environment matters.

The Advantages

The Centre provides access through its library, Internet and Consultation Service to information which will help householders, landowners, builders etc. realise the advantages to be gained by reducing energy waste and harnessing indigenous renewable energy resources.

Education and the Environment

We provide a first point of contact for teachers and pupils interested in finding out about environmental issues or becoming involved in practical projects, e.g. Green Power.

Teaching staff will benefit from our library and resources. We will support school managers in developing curriculum ideas and environmental policies.

A year full of exhibitions, family events, holiday activities and participation in local festivals.

Advice Centre Facilities

With meeting facilities, the Centre also has world-wide internet access, demonstrations of renewable technologies and a comprehensive library of 'Green' related topics.


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